2 KG ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher


Every home should have one for your family safety!

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White Eastern proudly presents to you our very own ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher, it can be used for multiple kinds of fires and is a wise choice to have it in households and vehicles due to the portability and size. Before attempting to fight a fire, you must know what is burning in order to choose the proper fire extinguisher.

Our ABC fire extinguisher can be used on three different kinds of fires, including:

  • Class A (Ordinary combustibles such as wood or paper)
  • Class B (Flammable liquid fires such as grease or gasoline)
  • Class C (Flammable gasses such as butane & acetylene & LPG gasses. Electrical wiring, fuse box, electrical device and others.)


Contents: ABC dry powder
Powder weight:  2.0kg
Total Weight: 3.4kg
Mounting: Bracket (Provided)
Test pressure: 25 bar, at 27 degrees celsius
Operating pressure: 14 bar, at 27 degrees celsius
Temperature limits: -20 ~ 55 degrees celsius
Propellant: Nitrogen

Additional Information

Weight 3400 g

How to use


Fire Extinguisher FAQ

Should I keep a unit of extinguisher at my home? Is it necessary?

Yes, it is recommended to have at least one unit of extinguisher at our home. Prevention is always crucial because we can never predict when a fire would happen. Our 2kg ABC Powder Extinguisher can be easily carried in its size and weight.

How to use an extinguisher?

There’s a simple rule, namely P.A.S.S. step:

P – Pull the pin off from the temper seal

A – Aim the nozzle towards the fire

S – Squeeze the handle

S – Sweep across the fire to evenly extinguish the fire

My extinguisher pressure gauge is not pointing accurately at the middle of the green section. Is this normal?

If the needle is still within the green section of the gauge, it is fine. If however, it is pointing out of the green section and falls in the red section, then the extinguisher needs attention immediately. Please contact us for more information.

How long is the validity of an extinguisher before it “expires”?

Our content of extinguisher is ABC powder and we recommend to service the extinguisher every annually to prevent the powder from hardening and to avoid malfunction during emergency cases. We do provide this servicing of our extinguisher for our customers at a reasonable service fee. Do contact us for the service enquiry.

Can we keep the extinguisher in our car for long term?

Although the extinguisher can withstand the heat up to 55 degree Celsius, a direct expose of sunlight on your vehicle for long hours may heat up to over 70 degree Celsius internally, which may have the risk of causing the extinguisher to burst. Hence, we do not recommend to keep in your vehicle if your vehicle exposes still to sunlight for long hours.

Can this extinguisher be used on all kinds of fire types?

Our extinguisher’s content is ABC powder, in which it indicates that it can cease fire of types A, B and C.

Type A – Fires in ordinary combustibles such as thrash, papers, woods, cloths and plastics.

Type B – Fires in flammable liquids such as gasoline, petroleum oil and paint. Fires involving cooking oils and grease are excluded from type B.

Type C – Fires involving energized electrical equipment such as motors, transformers and appliances.

Where should I keep my extinguisher at home?

Extinguisher is something we would need it during emergency. It is recommended to be kept in somewhere that is obvious and easy to access. Do not keep it in the cabinets as we would forget where we keep it when we’re in panic and it is very difficult to access.

Quality Assurance: 

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Products specifications

Weight 3.4 kg
Powder Weight 2 kg
Test Pressure 25 bar, at 27 degrees celsius
Operating Pressure 14 Bar, at 27 Degree Celsius
Temperature Limit -20°C to 55°C
Propellant Nitrogen
Content ABC Dry Powder

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